So I’m a little bit worried. I scheduled a hair appointment for next week, and I’m doing something WAAAY different. (Usually, different and wild for me is going one shade darker or lighter.) But I’m doing different colors completely in my hair ,so that’s huge for me. 

Am I nervous because of the color? No. I’m nervous because of who is doing my color. 

First of all, I went on Facebook and asked who I should go to in town, and who is the best for color. Because we’re going to Fargo next week for vacation and I want to look my best. My friend LesLee gave me the name of her stylist, and that’s who I decided I wanted to go with. Because I trust LesLee with any and all beauty questions that I have. 

So I went to the salon that this Alex owns. The problem is, her salon is right next door to another salon, and when I pulled up, there was a lady standing outside who was locking up the salon door and she said she would be back in an hour or so and I could come back and make an appointment. I didn’t know who the lady was, and just sort of assumed she was the girl I needed to talk to. So I came back in an hour and made an appointment to get my hair done. 

AFTER I made the appointment, I realized I had gone to the salon NEXT DOOR to the one I was supposed to go to, and had mistakenly taken the woman I made the appointment with for the lady I was SUPPOSED to make the appointment with. 

Now, the lady whom I made the appointment with is the sister of my neighbor Holly (who is, and always has been, a total nightmare). That fact alone makes me not trust her with my hair. Then, I went back and looked at the comments on my Facebook post asking for stylists names, and not once did her name come up. Also, I didn’t even know that this particular lady even does hair. And in this small town, if you are an unknown stylist who has been doing hair for years, that’s not good news. Plus, she works in a beauty salon geared towards older and elderly ladies. 

Also, still thinking she was the other stylist, I double booked her for a manicure, and said I wanted French tips. She she wrote me in for a gel manicure, which tells me she doesn’t know her nails, because French TIPS are an acryllic manicure, not gel. I also have boxed hair color in my hair, so to go from a deep black boxed hair color, to a light shade of brown with dark brown lowlights and caramel blonde highlights, should take a few days to do on account of the fact that to do all of that in one day would completely ruin my hair and should never be done in one day anyway. Yet this lady put me down for a one day, 3 hour long appointment, and she said the manicure itself would take up about 45 minutes of that three hours. That’s not enough time to get my hair done AT ALL. 

The last time I was in a salon, (4 years ago) I had my hair lightened, and thinned, and I was seriously in the salon for 6 hours. 

Not to mention I keep asking her for a price so my husband can write a check to pay for all of this, and she has not gotten back to me, even though I asked her for a price on Friday, and asked her again early this morning. 

So I am really nervous about going to her. If she fucks up my hair 4 days before I have to be in Fargo, I am going to be LIVID. I’m not sure if I should just suck it up and go to her, or if I should go behind her back and make an appointment with the other girl that LesLee recommended. But if I did that, I would feel horrible, and it would be really sneaky of me since the two salons are RIGHT NEXT to each other. 

I am in a complete Catch-22 right now. I don’t have any idea what the hell I should do. Ideas?