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"Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive."

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Cats who can’t figure out walls [x]


It’s called “head pressing” and it occurs in dogs and cats. 

Head pressing is characterized by the compulsive act of pressing the head against a wall or other object for no apparent reason. This generally indicates damage to the nervous system, which may result from a number of varying causes, including prosencephalon disease (in which the forebrain and thalamusparts of the brain are damaged), or toxic poisoning.


http://www.vet.cornell.edu/FHC/health_resources/toxoplasmosis.cfm (head pressing is listed as a symptom)

http://sevneurology.com/patients/clip-multilobular-osteochondroma (About a dog’s brain tumor but head pressing is listed as a symptom)

I wasn’t going to reblog this until I read the important caption dang thank you!!!

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Shots fired.. at EVERYONE

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Dear Damian,

It’s been a long time since our last encounter. Ten years to be exact.

I was 26; you were 16. You were proud of who you were; I was an insecure actor. You became an iconic character that people looked up to; I wished I’d had you as a role model when I was younger. I might’ve been easier to be gay growing up.

You WERE beautiful in every single way and words couldn’t bring you down.

What you may not know …

When I was cast in the role of “Damian” in Mean Girls, I was TERRIFIED to play this part. But this was a natural and true representation of a gay teenager — a character we laughed with instead of at. (You can thank Tina Fey and Mark Waters for that. I can only take partial credit.)

When we first made this movie, I’m not sure any of us knew how loved and quoted this movie would become. You certainly hope when you pour your heart into something, that people will respond — but to paraphrase Gretchen Wieners, “we can’t help it that we’re so popular.”

So, why the hell did it take me so long to come out of the closet?

Here’s why:

When I first became an actor, I wanted to play lots of roles — Guidos, gangsters, and goombahs were my specialty. So, would I be able to play all of those parts after portraying a sensitive, moisturizing, Ashton Kutcher-loving, pink-shirt-wearing kid? I was optimistic. Hollywood? Not so much. I was meeting a “gay glass ceiling” in casting.

For example:

One time I wanted to audition for a supporting character in a low-budget indie movie described as a “doughy, blue-collar lug of a guy.” The role was to play the husband of an actress friend of mine who I had been in two movies and an Off-Broadway play with. She and I had even moved to LA together.

I figured I was perfect for it.

They said they were looking for a real “man’s man.” The casting director wouldn’t even let me audition. This wasn’t the last time this happened. There were industry people who had seen me play you in Mean Girls but never seen me read in an audition but still denied me to be seen for “masculine” roles.

However, I did turn down many offers to play flamboyant, feather-boa-slinging stereotypes that always seemed to be laughed at BECAUSE they were gay. How could I go from playing an inspirational, progressive gay youth to the embarrassing, cliched butt-of-a-joke?

So, there it was. Damian, you had ruined my life and I was really pissed at you. I became celibate for a year and a half. I didn’t go to any gay bars, have any flings and I lied to anyone who asked if I was gay. I even brought a girl to the Mean Girlspremiere and kissed her on the red carpet, making her my unwitting beard.

It wasn’t until years later that grown men started to coming up to me on the street — some of them in tears — and thanking me for being a role model to them. Telling me I gave them comfort not only being young and gay but also being a big dude. It was then that I realized how much of an impact YOU had made on them.

Meanwhile, I was still in the closet. Deleting tweets that asked if I was gay, scrubbing IMDB Message Boards for any indication, etc. (It’s important to note that I was actually DISCOVERED singing in a Florida gay bar by casting director, Carmen Cuba, for my first role in Larry Clark’s Bully.)

I had the perfect opportunity in 2004 to let people know the REAL Daniel Franzese. Now in 2014 — 10 years later — looking back, it took YOU to teach me how to be proud of myself again. It’s okay if no one wants to sit at the table with the “art freaks.” Being a queer artist is one of my favorite things about myself. I have always been different and that’s rad. People have always asked if I was really gay? While my reps usually lied to protect me. My friends and family all knew the truth but now it’s time everyone does. Perhaps this will help someone else. I had to remind myself that my parents named me Daniel because it means “God is my judge.” So, I’m not afraid anymore. Of Hollywood, the closet, or mean girls. Thank you for that, Damian. (And Tina.)

By the way … in June I am the Celebrity Grand Marshall of the Portland Gay Pride Parade.


We go Glen Coco.

With love and respect,

Daniel Franzese

P.S. I hate it when people say I’m “too gay to function.” I know you do, too. Those people are part of the problem. They should refrain from using that phrase. It really is ONLY okay when Janis says it.

Reblogging this because Mean Girls is literally my favorite movie ever. But I wonder-why did Daniel have to write this letter? Did anyone NOT know?!?

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#textgram #truthfultuesday And yes, I’ve already bought a swim suit this year and no, I haven’t exercised in over a month. And yes, I’ve gained some weight. I know. Don’t judge me.

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Bettie Page in Irving Klaw’s Varietease (1954).

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How do I reply to my replies if I’m not on mobil?

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Love Charm Tea, now available in my Etsy store! (Sorry for the poor quality of the picture)

Love Charm Tea is a tea blend designed with herbs and botanicals to help bring a loving feeling to those who drink it. 
Made with a blend of herbs that includes mint, Love Charm Tea is a very strong and potent tea blend, which is perfect for those who want to give this tea to their significant others, or those whom they want to be their significant others. Ladies, have your man drink this tea blend, and he’s all yours 

Because this is such a strong tea blend, just remember that with this tea blend, a little goes a long way. 

All tea tins are 2.9 W and 3.9 H and hold enough loose leaf tea to make 20 cups of tea. (Or in this tea blend’s case, 40 cups of tea, because you will want to cut your tea steep servings in half)


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Lavender tea, now available in my Etsy store! 

Lavender has been proven to be a calm and relaxing herb. When ingested, it can help you achieve a feeling of serenity and peacefulness. 
(Lavender, when ingested, can also keep you from making bad decisions when angry :))

All tea tins are 2.9 W and 3.9 H and hold enough loose leaf tea to make 20 cups of tea. 

Now available at http://www.etsy.com/shop/verbenabymelissa

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Blissful Calm Tea, now available in my Etsy store! 

Blissful Calm, much like lavender, is a tea blend designed to calm you down in your most stressful moments. 

Made with a blend of herbs that includes chamomile and lemon balm, Blissful Calm tea is perfect for those with anxiety and those who suffer from high stress and is the perfect tea blend to drink at night before you go to sleep, as it aids in bringing you a blissful night’s sleep. 

All tea tins are 2.9 W and 3.9 H and hold enough loose leaf tea to make 20 cups of tea. 

Available at http://www.etsy.com/shop/verbenabymelissa

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My Etsy Store is Open!!


Not everything I want to list is on the site yet. It is still relatively new, and not beautiful yet either. It’s a work in progress. Little at a time, I’m adding things. Please check it out! 

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OK. Blogging. Really long. Still livid. Still wound up. But here it is.

I heard recently that Domino’s pizza is making a pizza with a crust made entirely of fried chicken. Is this true? IDK but I think it’s disgusting and I can feel my arteries harden just typing this out. 


So, Easter. We had it. 

The day didn’t start out very well at all. After being up all night with Gracelyn, who FINALLY fell asleep at 3 a.m., my husband woke me up at 4 and told me to get the kids dressed and out the door because there was a fire in the apartment. 

Not our apartment though, it turns out. Some idiot left their coffee pot on when they went out of town for the weekend. THEIR EMPTY COFFEE POT. Which, in turn, started a fire, which caused their kitchen to go up in flames. Which then caused every inch of their apartment to become covered in smoke and ash but, thankfully, the fire managed to contain itself to only the kitchen. 

Also thankfully, there was no one in the apartment at the time. 

And no one else’s apartment was touched. Even ours. But it was definitely surreal when I sat back and thought, If there was a real fire, I never even thought to grab the cats as we left. I didn’t grab any pictures or keepsakes. What if we had lost everything? 

Needless to say, I was am emotional wreck all day. 

Anyway, we had Easter dinner at our best friend Mandy’s house. It was good. Good people, good food, good times. Gracelyn went on her first ever Easter egg hunt, and she wore a beautiful dress and Marshall got to eat a half pound of chocolate. Everyone was just in heaven.

We went to my father in law’s afterwards, which is never fun, but we weren’t there for very long, and we came home. The kids (and my husband) were exhausted, because they’d been awake since we got up to evacuate. (Gracelyn and I got naps in, however). Lack of sleep, adrenaline, and the “holy-shit-we-got-really-lucky” feeling that we all had made for some quite interesting chemistry between us all and we had a weird family dynamic all day. 

It was a great day, but I am definitely glad that it’s over. 

Fast forward to today. No school for Marshall, so he played with Gracelyn for the majority of the day, which allowed me to clean. 

It looked like a tornado had gone through my house. Twice. After a typhoon and a hurricane simultaneously swept through following a volcano eruption. 

I don’t even know how it happened. We weren’t home for two days straight, only to sleep. 


I guess it doesn’t matter, because I cleaned it up. And then I made a freaking delicious dinner, which most people don’t think I should brag about but I haven’t actually made dinner that wasn’t re-heated frozen lasagna in a few weeks so I am really proud of myself. 

After Gracelyn and Marshall went to bed, Eric got hit up by our neighbors (the ones who live across the hall-I’ve blogged about them before), to give them a ride to the bar. They couldn’t drive themselves because they were drunk. And they were all upstairs drinking and partying in a known drug user/dealer’s apartment. (Yes, I live below a drug dealer with my children. Real proud of that one). 

One of the people who was up there was a girl whose daughter I constantly babysit. A girl who is so selfish she used her paychecks to pay for manicures and to buy food for her drug dealer boyfriend, and not to pay her rent. So she got evicted, and dragged her daughter around sleeping on people’s couches, in hotels, in pickup trucks. Then she quit her job and pulled her daughter out of preschool because she needed “cuddle time” and had “a ton of drama” that she “can’t deal with right now” so she decided her daughter didn’t need to go to school? 

Anyway, after her mom took her and her daughter in, she got in a fight with her and broke her mom’s thumb and therefore got kicked out. The cops told her mom that she (the mother) couldn’t keep the child because she wasn’t biologically her birth mother, she is only the grandmother and therefore has no custodial rights. 

So this girl, (I’ll call her Janie because that is, in fact, her name), conned my across the hall neighbors into letting her and her daughter crash on their couches. Because every other “friend” that she has is either a drug dealer, or is tired of her always making excuses and blaming everybody else for her making shitty mistakes. They’re probably just as tired as I am of trying to help her and offer her advice when she just pisses it down her leg and does what she wants to do anyway. 

But I digress. 

Janie was one of the people who was upstairs partying. I thought about where her daughter was, but decided not to think too much about it because I thought that maybe Janie’s daughter was staying with her mom or maybe someone in the apartment was still with her. 

I was wrong. 

My front door came swinging open and that little girl came running in, threw her arms around me and started sobbing. She said she was scared and she didn’t know where her mom was, and a bunch of other things that I couldn’t understand because she is 3 and she is sometimes seriously hard to understand. So I rocked her, gave her some juice, read her a bedtime story, and tucked her in to a bean bag bed that we have next to Gracelyn’s crib. 

I went over to our neighbor’s and left a note, telling Janie where her daughter was, and that she could come get her in the morning. 

I. was. LIVID. 

Who the fuck leaves their 3 year old child unsupervised and unattended in a home that she is not familiar with, to go and party in a known drug dealer’s house?!? 

Not even 20 minutes after the little girl came to my apartment, Janie came knocking on my door with my neighbors right behind her. My neighbors were apologizing to me, and I was like, Why are you apologizing? You did nothing wrong. She’s not your daughter and she’s not your responsibility. 

Then Janie kept trying to make it clear to me that she was sober. I know she was, because I looked at her eyes. She was stone cold sober. 

Good for her. But I don’t give two flying fucks if she was sober or not. The fact is, that….well, the facts are all written in the above paragraphs. I shouldn’t (and am too lazy to) repeat myself. 

I was so angry. I yelled and slammed my front door after her and told her that if she needs to have child services called and someone needs to take that baby away from her. I told her she was a shitty parent who made really shitty decisions, sober or not. 

Because seriously. I’m tired of it. There is a lot more to the story than I am blogging about tonight, but I’m tired. I don’t want to go through it all. I want to go to bed. 

I’ll blog more about it tomorrow. 

Maybe if I go to sleep now I can get at least an hour in before Gracelyn wakes up. Because yes, my daughter is 15 months old and still not sleeping through the night. 

Lucky me. 

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#nofilter Stuffed eggplant, Parmesan potatoes, and fried rice balls. I’m an amazing cook.

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